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Thunderr is a Hyperlocal delivery start-up. We work with e-commerce companies. We are focused to electrify the delivery fleet for No-emission and environment-friendly deliveries. Also, we are working to establish charging points with partners as our fleet grows in size. We work closely with our delivery boys and Clients to deliver quality work. As the demand for faster deliveries is growing, we have a fleet which is faster and well maintained to deliver goods/products on time. We do provide small dark stores for quick deliveries. We currently operate in Delhi NCR.


To create the largest fleet providing hyperlocal deliveries in every corner of our country by uniting deliveries boys together through various products and services which can change their way of work.

We want to become a “one-stop destination for all the needs” for our clients from delivery to Dark stores. We are expanding our network rapidly to be the best in the segment.

Keeping in mind Delivery Boys are pillars of our company which is irreplaceable. We are developing products and services to change the way they are working now. Stay tuned!

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